Monthly Archives: January 2017

I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Do This…



  • It’s easy to get caught up in the moment.
  • It’s easy to look back & wish that time could reverse so that you could fix things.
  • It’s easy to get irritated with your past.
  • It’s easy to blame others for your misgivings.

What isn’t easy, is moving on.

I promised myself in my last post that I wouldn’t dwell on the past & berate myself for not being where I wanted to be.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaah, that lasted a whole of 5 minutes.   I could point fingers & pass the buck, stating that x person could’ve helped but didn’t, people who I thought were my friends are gone by the wayside, that there was too much going on, too many things to try & do, not enough time to do it all.  Is it true?  Yes & no.  With everything there is always an element of perception – how you view something isn’t necessarily the way another will view it.   What one believes is a helpful suggestion, another will believe it to be a hindrance.

I think it’s part of human nature to wish you could change things, it’s also a lot easier to say things after the fact, that it wasn’t entirely your fault.

This morning I was angry. Angry at many things, at what is not relevant; what is relevant is that being angry  at something that has already happened is NOT going to change it.  What will change though, is how I deal with interactions with fitness professionals from now on.  I’ve learned to not take any one person at face value.  I’ve learned that in order to succeed & progress, you NEED to do your own research – even if it counters what you thought you already knew; knowledge is power folks. Never forget that.

I really do wish I knew then, what I know now – maybe then I wouldn’t feel like I had such a huge mountain to climb, maybe I wouldn’t need to be going back to physiotherapy & maybe I would’ve been closer to some of my goals than I currently am.

That being said, blogging isn’t going to get me any closer either.  So I bid you adieu as today is LEG DAY!