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Why Slimming World is Flawed…

Recently I’ve been working in an office environment, so it’s swarming with women who are all on some diet or another, but one seems to be more popular than any of the others & it’s SLIMMING WORLD.

Slimming World is the land of syns, some foods are “free” – this means you can eat as MUCH as you want, others have syns – these are the ones that you should only eat a certain amount of in order to keep losing weight.  Sound ideal?  Where’s the issue?

So, what’s in a syn?

You have a total  daily allowance of syns, 15 to be exact. That 15 syns equates to 300 calories per day.  Um, come again?  How many?  I eat more than that for breakfast! No, no! I hear you cry from you syn thrones – there are syn free foods too!  Mate, I don’t care.  This working things out in fake points is insane!  (it’s like Reddit, but for food in the real world!)


So, I give you the flaws in this insane system*

I’ve googled free foods/syns in foods to create a daily plan & will be adding actual macros/calories as well.  All the food listed below is from the SW website & SW Survival website.


Baked oats or a full English

Oats are:

35g oats, 3tsp sweetener, 1 egg, 1 pot of yoghurt & some fruit.  Bake it.  Job done.  ONE WHOLE SYN.  (343 cal, 22g carb, 6g fat, 11g protein)

Full English:

2 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon (fat removed), mushrooms, 1 whole onion, 1 whole tomato, 1 boiled potato, 1/2 tin of beans, 2 eggs.  ZERO SYNS!  (ok….this is free food, so why stop at two sausages, why not have eight? They’re no syns!!)  (942 cal, 59g carb, 48g fat, 59g protein)  This bad boy also benefits from 1,852mg of sodium!!!  FTR, 8 sausage is 1600 calories.


125g Cheese, Leek & Ham pasta.  100g Chicken breast, & a 500g tub of fat free yoghurt – SYNFREEAGAIN (936 cal, 84g carb, 9g fat, 63g protein)


Lamb shank with mint sauce, 100g oven chips, side of veggies & a Curly Wurly brownie, fuck it….I’m on one syn, so let’s have 4 brownies. 4 SYNS  (857 cal, 50g carb, 43g fat, 67g protein)

Total Syn count: FOUR or FIVE depending on breakfast

Some fruits are free too, so we’ll have 2 mandarins, 100g peas & 100g carrots as snacks for the day.  (163 cal, 38 carb, 6g protein)

Because we have around 9 syns left, we’ll have a 14% glass of red wine with dinner. (175ml)  (175 cal, 3g carb)

Don’t worry about being peckish…..carbs are FREE – go eat that bowl of pasta & sauce,  or super noodles.  (pasta is 522 cal, noodles are 264 cal)



So, that gives you a total (excluding MOAR pasta snacks) of:

2474 cal for the day if you have the oats

3586 if you have the full English.

Remind me, this diet is supposed to help you LOSE weight, right?

Macro-wise, it’s a little more promising;

196g carb, 58g fat, 147g protein OR 233g carb, 100g fat, 195g protein  sort of,  I suppose.  It depends on a multitude of things: height, weight, age, gender & activity levels.

I can burn through over 3000 calories a day, however that is only IF I cycle a good 10 miles, as well as go & lift weights for an hour.

Look at it this way, most women in the UK  on average, are 5 foot 5 (169cm) & weigh anywhere from 7st 12 to 10st 10 (50-64kg)  If we take the middle of that weight range, around 58kg & work out that they’re a 40 year old office worker that drives everywhere & walks the dog a mile a day.

That gives you a TDEE of 1477 NOT 3586. Broken into macros, as per MFP:

1477 cal,  50% carb – 185g, 20% fat – 33g & 30% protein – 111g which is WAY off the food i selected at random from the lists of free foods that I could.

I’m aware my examples are probably extreme & SW will hopefully teach people portion control & so on, I also know that many people have lost weight using SW – that doesn’t make it right!  Eating at a calorie deficit will help you lose weight, you don’t need points, coloured days, or whatever else some diet guru is trying to tout you with.

Plus, without knowing what a macro is, you’d never be able to work out your daily needs.  That & there’s no paid support group for macro counters…….


Diagnosis of Slimming World:  NO.


*I know people who have lost a lot of weight with SW, those people have added exercise to their lives as well as watching what they eat. I 100% believe that following a standard macro/TDEE would have yielded the same results & forgone some potentially, dangerous eating habits.  This post is to show those flaws & how open to interpretation this “diet” is

A Month With The FitBit Surge

So, it’s been a month since I just got my Fitbit Surge & have wanted to write a review about it for a while.  However, felt like I needed to use it for sometime first.

Initial Impressions:

When it first arrived, it was apparent that this is the Flagship Device for Fitbit, the attention to detail in the packaging outweighs the packaging on other devices, including other Fitbit devices. It has a small button to depress to push the watch from its housing & the overall feel of the box just exudes quality.

I was eager to try it, installed the app on my phone & pulled the watch out of its cradle, & fastened it to my wrist. It’s big. It feels big, like I was surprised at how big it felt compared with my previous smartband.  You DO get used to the size & I have dinky wrists, so anything on them usually feels pretty big!

It feels secure when it’s on due to the watch style strap; which was a must for me after I lost a previous band due to a flimsy closure.

App Layout:

I use my Fitbit Surge with a HTC M9, which works by pairing through BLE 4.0 (bluetooth low energy) there is an option in the menus to change it to support legacy bluetooth 2.0 – which I’ve never seen on a smartband before. It also comes with a USB dongle to pair on your PC – The device can store information so you don’t need to sync it every day.

I’ve added some screengrabs from my phone, the first one is the dashboard; which gives a rundown of your day, tapping on each one will give you more information, either for the day, a week, a month and so on. It makes for very easy tracking of your progress.

Recently, my Fitbit updated to include GPS tracking of cycling, before this update I used “spinning” as a way to track my cycling. You can choose additional activities to track, ranging from circuit training to golf to martial arts, as well as running, weigh training etc.

You can also pair it with other apps, such as Endomondo, IFTTT, & My fitness Pal. I’ve yet to try it with the apps as have only recently discovered IFTTT & use MFP on it’s own.


There is also a dashboard on the web, after downloading the software to pair via the dongle if you’re not wanting to use a phone – this will be an amazing resource for you.  There’s also the option to chat to your friends & see their step progress on the app & the web dashboard.

General Use:

Overall, the Fitbit Surge is a handy device – you can even control your music from the iOS version! A feature I’d love to see in the Android one; I can dream!

I have alarms set on my Fitbit, which helps wake me sometimes – only if I’m partially awake does it help. It alerts me to texts & calls – which is great if my phone is on a low volume/out of reach.

Another great feature is the heart rate tracker – perfect for not wearing a chest strap. It calculates when you’re in cardio & fat burn zones as well based on your height & weight it knows when is optimum times for you.  I quickly learned most of my training is in the fat burn zone over anything else. I’ve also seen my heart rate drop over the month as my fitness levels have increased; something that I was quite surprised with; I now have an average BPM of 52.

Personal Feelings:

I love my Surge. Once I got used to the bulk, it now feels odd if I don’t have it on. I don’t get the 7 days battery life from it, but I do have it using the GPS function twice a day, 5 days a week – which is going to cut the life between charges.

I did recently suffer the skin irritation reported by a few users, however since being aware of this I’ve moved my watch a little further down my wrist & the slight rash I had is gone.  I wear it watch face down as my cycling gloves were hitting the pause button on the screen & I hadn’t noticed which meant I lost valuable tracking time for a few days.

The fact it doubles as a watch is a massive plus for me as it means I no longer have to wear two devices on my wrist.

It’d be nice if the apps could pair with more, as I used to use Strava to track my cycling – which is an awesome app, as it tracks parts of your route & tells you when you got a faster time in sections. A feature that I loved.

I wonder if I can get IFTTT can do it for me?