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Comments From Strangers….

Hrm, so maybe an odd title especially considering how long it has been since I blogged. However, stay with me and I’ll see if my rambling turns in to a cohesive post……

Let’s begin:

Last week I was introduced to a man who is now a client of my trainer – he contacted him after he’d seen my “transformation” images online; as shown in a previous blog post. It got my thinking; after all I had said before if my blogging and image posting helped someone to better their lifestyle then it’s been worth it.  I know I have absolutely nothing to do with this man’s journey to fitness & his story may differ from my own but that didn’t stop me from feeling a little er….overwhelmed? maybe, with a little pleasure.  It was my photo that prompted him to contact Andy, so yeah. I’m gonna be pleased with myself.  My progress helped someone choose to become a fitter person. Everyone’s seen that post online, endorsed usually by some getfit thingamajig; XYZ changed my life & it could yours too.  Whatever……

Turns out it CAN be true.

Then! In the changing rooms I weighed myself & a woman who I regularly see (but have never spoken to) told me not to, she’d seen my progress images too!!! She told me I didn’t need to weigh myself because my results spoke for themselves.  I told her the reason I weigh myself in the gym IS to check for weightloss – I’m not trying to lose weight so I check every so often (paranoid about going catabolic, so sue me!) to ensure I’m staying at the same weight, then every 6 weeks of so I measure myself – as that is what I’m tracking, not my weight however it’s good to know where I am weight wise…..I seem to be anywhere from 71 to 73kg, the small fluctuation isn’t something I’m gonna concern myself with.

In closing; two people I’ve never spoken to before told me they’d seen my images on line & were really impressed with the changes in a relatively short space of time 😀