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Intermittant Fasting: A Definitive Post PART 2

Week 7:

Weight loss plateau’d however, I’m not doing this for weight loss….I’m guessing it’s down to water weight or something.  I’m not complaining.  Hunger seems to have sorted itself out for most days, I’m no longer wanting food at half eleven every day!

Still need to remember to drink protein shakes though as that’s still something I don’t do as often as I should.

week 8:

kinda feeling completely used to it now, however have had the odd day where I’ve been spectacularly hungry before my feeding window – I’ve succumbed to wanting food before 2pm perhaps twice (maybe three times) this week, however my veggie intake dropped this week, so I’ve felt a little more tired & wanted sweet things more than usual.

Week 9:

IF is definitely part of my life, I get a little peckish from time to time but not so much as i did a few weeks ago.  Training is going well, weights going back up after a few falters in the first few weeks.  My weight has stablised too after the inital few weeks were I was losing the water weight.

I’ve been off work this week, so no meal prep & have mostly been eating on an evening, after 6pm

Week 10 & 11:

I don’t really feel like I’m IF’ing now.  I’m quite used to it, i’ve been more tired recently, but I seem to have cycles of extra tiredness every few weeks.  If it gets too much I’ve been having a light snack at around 1pm & then eating properly a few hours later.

Still waiting for the “I’ve totally forgotten to eat” thing to kick in though!

Week 12:

Well, week 12 didn’t really happen.  2 days in to the week I had minor surgery on my spine, resulting in 4 days with limited movement afterwards & I figured that IF whilst trying to recover may have been a terrible idea.

Anyhoo, final thoughts:

  • Intermittent Fasting is NOT for everyone.  It takes a fairly high amount of willpower to keep up initially.  People will tell you “it’s just one biscuit” and if you do that; you’ve broke your fast & need to start your feeding window
  • Everyone works a different feeding window – some eat immediately after training & others don’t. You may have to try a few different ones to see what suits you best.  I did an 8/16 split, with the odd day of a 10/12 split.
  • Weight loss can be relatively rapid to begin with as you shed water weight, this does slow down once your body stabilizes to the new plan
  • My results were satisfactory, not blow out of the water spectacular however I wasn’t following IF specifically cut, if I did – I’d have tracked my macros religiously.
  • Moving forward, I’ll continue to IF as I like the way I *know* the difference between hunger and hunger & I can train pretty well now fasted, which means I don’t have to stress about eating before setting off to the gym
  • I didn’t really experience any hormonal craziness, however I was listening & if my stomach felt like it was turning inside out before my eating window, I’d start my eating sooner to abate the pangs.

On a side note – I’ve learned that I need to continue cooking my high protein cakes & things as I still crave sweet foods & without them the lure of chocolate is all too tempting.

Now I’m about to do a 12 week strength training programme as I’m acclimated to fasting