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Fitspo. Fitfam. Inkfit. CleanEating. Revenge Of The Hashtag

I hate hashtags. I detest how in order for people to see your post you have to “tag” it, making us all on-line graffiti attention* seekers. It drives me wild…..I like attention, sort of.  I don’t deliberately go out of my way for people to look at me, but I’m heavily tattooed, I have a mohawk & I’m pretty tall, so yeah….I don’t blend in.  However, on-line I don’t add all those tags to my posts (I just wanna add, I DO use hashtags, but not the crazy madeup internet speak, I tried it & hated it)

One of the reasons I had actually delayed my going back to the gym was because I didn’t want to become everything I hated about the beautiful people** I imagined that everyone was the way I’d made them in my head.  Self-righteous, sanctimonious, holier-than-thou stuck up muscle clad humans that looked through their noses at anyone with more than 2% body fat.

I know this isn’t true, but it will never stop me hating the hashtags. Why do I need “Fitfam” on a progress picture? These people are not family & if they were, the tag would be family, surely?  I know they’re there as a social media tool, I guess they’re helpful for those who use social media to drum up business.  Maybe it’s because I don’t feel the need to increase my likes, I love it when someone whom I look up to likes a post or a picture – Hell, I got a like from Samantha Wright (AKA PixieStrength) & it made me happy.  However, I’m not gonna tag the hell out of a picture in gibberish in the hope strangers from far & wide like it & that gives me fake internet points.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post tags like that, if it’s what you want to do. I’ll never search for those kinds of tags on line – If I ever do, I’ll give someone permission to rub it in my face.

I don’t like them.  I am not overly enthralled by motivation pictures either…..

This one, I like.

*Real life Graffiti taggers are artists, not attention seekers.
**Beautiful people: those who are sculpted & defined the way you’d imagine a God to look.