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Me & My Misfit Flash

When smart watches first became a thing I said they’d probably be a gimmick & I didn’t really see the point.  Well, I’ll eat my hat (as long as it’s made of chocolate or carrot cake!) because smart wearables are my All-Time favourite thing & have been since my curiosity and epic bargain hunting managed to snag a highly discounted Sony Smartband.  It knew when I was walking, running, procrastinating and would wake me up close to my alarm time – it was incredible!  This was before I became a fitness “junkie” & it worked, it’s very much a life keeping wearable, as it’ll track more or less anything & will even show you what photos you’d taken that day & how much time you spend on YouTube.  I lost it.  I hunted high & low for it & genuinely pined for my little wearable.

I needed to replace it, but with what? I didn’t want another one as feared the closing mechanism was it’s downfall.  I needed a decent closure on it, so I spent a few months researching & finally decided the Misfit Flash was the one for me.  Why??  Well, the website spoke VOLUMES to me.  By the time I found this wearable I was cycling to & from work, and having a way to track my progress without having to remember to open an app or buying an expensive cadence sensor was perfect.

It’s also waterproof & doesn’t need charging!

I struggled to pair it with my phone initially, however after an email or two to the support desk they’d managed to help me out & me and my flash have been inseparable ever since.  No really.  I NEVER take it off.  Well, only to move it from my wrist to my ankle when I’m cycling.  I also learned more recently it will pair with My Fitness Pal – I was briefly monitoring my calorie intake (remember I mentioned catabolic paranoid a post of two ago?) so having that pair up was good, as MFP automatically deducted calories from my exercise to show how much I needed to eat.  Awesome.

However, I could give Misfit some pointers on how to improve their wearable.  I miss my alarm function, the wake option on other wearables is a nice feature, as it wakes you when you’re in a light sleep so you’re not thrust awake by your high pitched NEEER-NEEER alarm.  Also, the more expensive version of this, the Shine has more accessories, different straps and some beautiful necklaces that I’d love.  All the Flash has is socks & a tee-shirt.  Yeaaaah.  I don’t need those.  I want a necklace, damnit 😛  There are some accessories for them, made by Garmin, but they’re only available in the US and as much as I love them, the shipping & possible duty on it would make them more expensive than the wearable itself.

An example image of the app on Android

I’m quite excited about the future of my wearable however, as Misfit are looking to turn it into a connected remote of sorts, meaning you’ll be able to turn your lights off, or your thermostat (as long as your lights / thermostat are compatible) and open Spotify and other apps just by tapping the “face” of your Flash. It’s gonna be an awesome update, even if I only ever use the function to turn Spotify off and on…..teamed with my wireless headphones I won’t have to touch my phone!

**I have not been asked by Misfit to create this review, nor have I by apps mentioned within

***All opinions are my own & are not affiliated with Misfit or its devices