The Goal Posts Have Changed….

No, no.  This is not a post about football or anything else that uses goals to punt a ball through.  This is a reflection of goals from this year & moving to 2016 (Dubbed “lean ’16” by Gem)

Back in January I decided to start this blog – not to gain followers or likes or whatever; I started it to keep a progress log for myself.  It was re-reading back through my posts that I noticed a trend in my energy levels & food – had I not had this blog would I have noticed? Probably however I do believe it’d have taken me longer.

This blog was started so that I didn’t “hound” my facebook friends with my gym pursuits, this way people can read it if they want to & don’t have to hide me (Side note – facebook gym updates irritate me…ironic, right?)

So, let’s reflect on what this year has brought me, I was gonna bullet point it but decided to just write it & see what happens…it may still end up as bullet points but we’ll see how this goes.63

So, the blog is a little less than a year old.  In that year I’ve had nearly 4,000 views (or 330 views per month) & 185 likes on various posts.  My most popular blog post has been my documenting of Intermittent Fasting, followed by my Dear You post.

That’s interesting.  Like I said, I started this as a place to keep my fitness pursuits as separate as possible from my facebook feed.  It’s nice to know how many people have viewed my posts & are hopefully finding answers to the questions they searched on Google via my blog.


giddy as a kid with lots of tiaras.

So, down to brass tax now I’ve written 300 words as an introduction.  Hahaha.  Whoops.

So, I’m gonna go through the stand out moments instead of documenting each month.

It makes sense to start with the most memorable event(s) of 2015:  Breaking my nose.  Well, that was almost as fun as the septoplasty I had a year previous……almost.  Actually, having a septoplasty was one of the most traumatising experiences of my life; more so than the first day of school (I cried a lot)

For those that are unaware or haven’t gone that far back in the blog this is what my face looked like a few days I smashed my face off the floor (glorious irony though, I’d bought a helmet a few days previous) then not two weeks after my face was fixed & I’d had my nose reset this happened.  Another bike related mishap.  It destroyed my confidence. I broke down in a training session with Burton, who then sat with me for about an hour and managed to help me to understand that I could overcome & not let the beginning of the year shape my entire year.

I was out of the gym until the swelling went down both times, which hindered my training however I carried on despite every fibre of my being telling me to stop in case I hurt myself again.

I looked at the food I was eating & began to experiment more, tracking calories as that was what I had a control over – I couldn’t go back and fix falling off the bike so I looked at what I did have an influence over.  I began baking, experimenting & learning how to adapt meals and treats to allow myself the freedom of eating a very varied diet (sometimes, everyone needs cake)  it was through this that I learned more about macros & then I began looking in to IIFYM however, decided against it & went with Fasting, although IIFYM seemed to fit pretty well with IF, as you need to calculate macros for IF.  (I’m not going into food on here, there are many blog posts about it)

I got better shoes, I practised form, I carried on cycling, carried on learning how to make epic bakes (some of which are on here, others are on my IG & my page) My lifts have been…erratic.  Which is why in the new year my eating is changing.  AGAIN.  However, I feel the majority of this year has been experimentation, then evaluation combined with a fair dose of frustration.

I have, however learned a lot.  So many things about myself, what I am capable of as well as branching out from mundane daily work duties to studying nutrition.  In the New Year I’m advancing to Sports Nutrition – something that I believe is key in order to get the maximum effort  I can from training.  I know that I’ve not stuck to my macros the way that I should have & I know that is one of the reasons I’ve not progressed the amount I wish I had.  SAD almost wiped me out later in the year, there was sickness and inabilities to get to the gym; which again has caused a fair amount of irritation.

Although I am mostly dissatisfied with where I am now compared with where I thought I’d be, training has taught me that nothing is linear. You do not get from point A to point B in a straight line – it’s filled with bypasses, loop de loops, massive drops & some incredible highs.  Burton told me that being unsatisfied with your current situation means that you care about becoming better, so I’m fine with not being satisfied because I can turn that into drive to become more.

I’ve posted my goals about on various social media sites, so I won’t repeat them on here.  Instead I will leave you with a few images that sum up 2015.







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