Let’s Talk About Food

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, food!  Glorious food.  There’s so much to choose from, not just the different flavours but different lifestyles too.  It’s no wonder people can get confused about what to eat & where to shop to get the best value/quality products.

However, my intro has very little to do with the rest of this post.  I merely wanted to illustrate that we have more choices now than ever before on what fuel we put into our bodies.

So, kids.  Who has them?  I DO!  both my boys are tall and very lean, they eat good, wholesome foods with the occasional treat; cos let’s face it….who doesn’t want a treat?!  Aaaaaaaanyhoo, if they’re at the table & tell us that they’re finished – even if there is food left on the plate, what is the response from the parent:

A:  Tell them that they can leave their plate & they’re hungry later, the food will still be there. (up to an hour-ish)

B: Force them to finish their meal, by saying they get nothing else/no dessert.

C: Just give them the dessert because it’s easier

I don’t want to know your answer, I am not here to lecture & judge you on what you eat & how to raise your children, however let me tell you a story:

As a child,if my mother left food on her plate/said she was full before clearing her plate, she’d be reminded that there were starving children in Africa who would LOVE the food that she was refusing to eat. I too remember being told this by my grandmother when I was eating at her house during the brief time I lived in the UK as a child.

Now, it takes approximately twenty minutes AFTER eating for your brain to register that you are full – so if, you feel full whilst you still have food on your plate imagine how you’re going to feel twenty minutes later.  Team that with essentially being forced by guilt in to finishing the food on your plate…..how will you feel then?!

Ordering your child to finish their food, despite them telling you they’re full is borderline abuse!  Their brain/stomach is telling them they no longer need to eat food – yet you are telling them to finish it.  Would you do that to yourself?  You feel full.  You still have food on your plate.  You eat it? No.Why would you do that?  You box it & refrigerate it for later, or maybe give it to the dog but I cannot see that any adult would willingly force more food into their face.

Both my mother & grandmother now have type 2 Diabetes. Coincidence?  Type 2 can be brought on by being overweight, along with other factors; such as age, genetics & ethnicity. Your risk of developing it increases if (as a woman) you have a waist measuring over 31.5″ – this is due to the fat around the abdomen area releases chemicals that can upset your cardiovascular & metabolic systems.  My mother & grandmother are not thin ladies – their Diabetes diagnosis’ concerned me – before I began training my waist was 33″, I’m now at 30.5″

Still don’t believe me that what you do to your children can affect their adult lifestyles?

Exhibit A:

I’m not saying every kid who is forced to finish their food will have a heart attack at 32, but the pattern is usually an overweight child equals an overweight/obese adult. Do you want to outlive your children? Do you want to have a “we need a bigger coffin” conversation with a funeral director, or contact the local zoo to have them cremated?  (This is due to normal crematorium not being able to burn the body due to its size/fat percentage) Do you want them to arrive at the funeral home on a flatbed truck due to hearses not being reinforced to hold their weight?

If my words have scared you, for you or for your kids then good because I have made my point. MAKE THE CHANGE, before it’s too late.

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