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Goals, Gains & Personal Bests


Apparently, one day I’ll get used to DOMS, today is not that day & neither was yesterday.  Due to my extreme fatigue I’d not stepped foot in the gym for a whole 7 days.  Ooops.  Anyhoo, let’s not dwell on who did or didn’t do their planks….

Monday I visited Occupational Health about getting some level of support at work, my back will never be the way it used to be & standing or sitting on an uncomfortable chair isn’t going to help.  The Doctor I saw was happy with my efforts in the gym though 😀

Tuesday I was back in the gym; my PT has put together a new programme for me – kicked up what feels like 1,000 notches compared to how I was training.  Lots & lots of bar bell squats, chest presses and sit ups…it doesn’t sound like a lot but my hamstrings have yet to stop screaming at me when I move!  Wednesday was pretty much the same, only I added 12 miles on the bike as well.

I’m sleepy – like wanting to go to bed at half ten; which isn’t like me however, I sleep really fucking well! I don’t feel drained like I did last week, I’ve increased my protein intake & reduced my carbs.

The goal for now is to move from dumbbells to bar bell for chest presses, as well as being able to do pull-ups… intensity levels have gone up.  I ache, so much but I occasionally remember the way I was a few months ago & I welcome the ache I have now, compared to the pain I used to have.

I’ll leave you with the fact I got a PB yesterday…s’bin a while since I noticed the weights on the machines changing.  100kg leg press, 1 set of 20 reps.  I thought I wasn’t gonna make it past 12 – my PT said to do 15, when I got to 15 he said do another 5.  I almost gave up, I had little pauses instead of going straight back in – but I did it!  When I started training I struggled to move HALF that weight.


Go Past Exhaustion, Moving Straight to Languid For -100 Points

Hoo boy!  This week has been tough!! I don’t mean in a training sense either.  I’ve had some of the worst fatigue I’ve ever experienced this week, I’d like to be able to say it’s because I’e worked hard in the gym, increased my cycling or something along those lines….unfortunately; it isn’t.  I cannot identify where the issue has arisen.  I worked out from home on Monday because the weather was inclement – I promised to not cycle in harsh weather.  I trained with my PT on Tuesday & then for the rest of the week I have struggled to get out of bed, sleeping through my alarms & falling asleep on the sofa by 9pm.

It took a few days before I realised that something was off.  I’ve had a decent amount of energy up until recently, I can’t put my finger on what has changed….unless it’s because I haven’t been on the bike as much recently because it’s just been too heinous to cycle.  I was gonna pop vitamin B12 like smarties for a few days to see if I have an improvement but that’s probably not gonna help long term.  I started going to bed a little earlier and getting closer to 7-8 hours kip an evening instead of my normal 5-6, I know 5 hours isn’t enough so could my lack of sleep for months & months now be the issue?  Have I programmed myself to live on less sleep?  I know it can have a detrimental effect long-term though & don’t particularly want to damage my health.

I told my PT, so he’s asked for a food diary again.  I was gonna add it to My Fitness Pal, but for today I just made a note on my phone.  I know I mention food a lot on here, but here is what I’ve eaten today:

Breakfast: 1 bacon roll

Lunch: sesame chicken & noodle salad (salad was lettuce, mixed peppers, edamame beans, peas, carrots & spring onions.

Dinner: 1/4 chicken, bacon & some boiled new potatoes

Snacks: Chicken Samosa, Peanut Butter Milkshake, 2 teaspoons of peanut butter ice-cream

Yeah, not the best start to another food diary.  In my defense 😛 I’ve not had milkshake or ice-cream for months.  This week I *know* I’ve been lacking veggies. Mostly opting for protein with small amounts of carb. I’ve not really prepared my lunches for work either….so it’s probably my food that is causing an issue.  We’ll see how this next week pans out!  Watch this space!!

**I apologise to my friends who may be reading this that have newborns.  I’m not that tired!**

Gluten Free & Vegan Food Nearly Tipped Me Over The Edge Today!!

Wow! Who knew combining GF & Vegan was such a stressful affair! I have Vegan recipes & I have GF recipes, but today I tried to combine them…..with pretty dire results. A huge amount of baked good went in the bin today because they were just awful. Catastrophic you might say.

However, the first lot of cupcakes didn’t deter me.  I’d been grocery shopping specifically to bake this afternoon & bake I did!

The first recipe was from Protein Pow! which has a smorgasboard of recipes, all sectioned out for diet need, or protein powder used as well as food category.  I attempted her glorious looking salted caramel cupcakes, but omitted GF oats for coconut flour. BAD idea.  They just didn’t work. They were quite awful.  I sat in my kitchen, head in hands trying to figure out what to do. I’d just thrown away money essentially.  not to be beaten, I did the recipe again, but on a smaller scale & used oats.  Better.  But not caramely, you can smell it, but cannot taste it, so I guess I didn’t add enough. However, the recipe does create a nice, moist cake.

Screenshot 2015-03-06 10.02.26

I will find a flour that works with them on a gluten-free level, even if it’s just normal GF flour.  however, I don’t have any. My PT keeps promising to bring me some, but I’m still waiting. (hint, HINT Andy!!)

Second up was raw carrot cake bites, I found a recipe that didn’t specify the type of dates used, so I took my chances with the dates I had, every other recipe said Medjool & the local stores that stock them do not have any, much to my bemusement.  I learned that I really need a magic bullet, or a smaller food processor for these though, cos stopping the blender to scrape the dates from the side every thirty seconds made me want to throw it all in the bin & eat ice cream instead!

I was so worked up by the frigging blender I forgot to add my walnuts to the mix, so they’re literally blended up dates, carrots & cinnamon with coconut on them to stop them from being quite so sticky.  There’s no protein powder in these, unlike everything else I baked today.

Screenshot 2015-03-06 10.02.23

There are loads of recipes for these on-line, and they all read about the same. I’m gonna get some medjool dates and give them another go….not forgetting the nuts this time!

I then decided to make something I’ve made before, knowing it was gluten-free & used coconut flour.  This recipe is from What Runs Lori, however last time I made my coconut flour. This time it was a lot easier, on her website she called the “paleo blackberry bars” but I think they’re a bit too heavy to be bars & I cut mine up smaller.  For mine I used blueberries, walnuts (that should’ve been in my carrot cake things) and some chocolate…only a small amount though,  I like this recipe, it works quite nicely & was a hell of a lot easier than the caramel attempt!!

Screenshot 2015-03-06 10.02.35

And, lastly. Another from Protein Pow! and the easiest bake of today.  Had I not been so mentally drained from Caramel-geddon I probably would’ve made more; in fact there’s a similar version of this recipe on her site, but without the chocolate that I’m gonna make on my next day off work.

These were super simple;

  • Protein Powder (I used unflavored Soya)
  • Meridian Smooth Peanut Butter
  • Coconut Milk
  • Splenda
  • 4 squares or chocolate, cut up in to bits.

She states to do it in the food processor; we’ve already established that today I hate mine, so the lot went in a bowl & I stirred the crap out of it til I got a dough, you can add more milk if it’s too crumbly; which mine was.  Roll in to balls & nyom!

These are going to the gym with me in the morning for one of the personal trainers:

Screenshot 2015-03-06 10.02.28

That was me absolutely spent! I realised it was quite late on in the day & I’d not eaten since 10am,so I called it quits in the kitchen.

So, I got Vegan banana protein muffins, Vegan/Gluten Free carrot balls, Gluten Free coconut & blueberry cake ans well as Gluten Free cookie bites – Anna of Protein Pow said they’re vegan too, but I used milk chocolate not dark so they’ll have milk solids in them.

All the milk I used in today’s recipes was either coconut or almond milk. sweetener was Agave, except the cookie bites which needed a dry sweetener so I used Splenda.

One plus about today is I have friends on Facebook willing to share their cookbooks with me for more vegan/GF food.


I’m not going vegan & don’t have coeliac/gluten intolerance – I just enjoy baking & it seems a lot of the “healthier” alternatives are either GF or vegan.